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August 2010
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Home Safety Tips

August 1-7:
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August 9:
Eleanor Roosevelt Day—the 2nd Monday in August

3 Ways to Simplify
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"Our life is frittered away by detail…Simplify, simplify."
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Dave Shanklin
Mobile Brokers Acceptance
8522 Madison Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 962-7128 or (800) 401-3372


Click the image or call
Ben Johnson at
Cell: 925-759-3444

Mike Scheffler, Loan Officer
Land Home Financial Services
Direct Phone: 303-495-5066

Apply for a loan online

Carl Contrell
Bank of the West

 Mobile home 
and Manufactured home Insurance

Dallas Johnson
Insurance Agency, Inc.

More than 30 years of dedicated service.  Best rates for mobile home and manufactured home insurance. 

Dallas' wife Doris runs the office. She is knowledgeable and friendly.

Doris or Dallas

Dallas Johnson's web site

Weible Insurance

 Other helpful information for mobile home and manufacturreed home owners

Renew Registration Online

Manufactured Home & Mobilehome
Registration Renewal

Mobilehome Park Inspection Resident Information Booklet

Contains Important Information For Residents of Mobilehome Parks Regarding Inspections, Violations and Code Requirements.

State of California
Housing and Community Development

As California's principal housing agency, the mission of HCD is to provide leadership, policies and programs to expand and preserve safe and affordable housing opportunities and promote strong communities for all Californians.

State of California
Department of Housing
Codes and Standards

The Division of Codes and Standards administers eight programs governing manufactured homes and mobile homes.

Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association

California Manufactured Housing Institute


The Office of the Mobilehome Ombudsman is a complaint processing Office that primarily assists the public with questions or problems associated with the various aspects of manufactured home (mobilehome) living.

 What Every Mobile Home Owner Should Know

 Factory-Built Housing

Types of Factory Homes

A key to understanding today's manufactured home is distinguishing it from other homes that are constructed in a factory. Most factory homes are comprised of three-dimensional modules. These modules are transported to a home site and installed on a state approved foundation or support system. California law clearly distinguishes among the types of factory-produced homes by the building code to which the home must comply.

Manufactured homes are constructed to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, a uniform building standard administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. About 97 percent of all factory homes constructed in California each year meet this code.

Factory-built homes, often called modular homes, are constructed to comply with the California Administrative Code. Some factory built homes employ panelized construction techniques. About three percent of all factory homes produced in California factories each year meet this code.

The HUD Code

Since June 1976, all manufactured homes in the United States have been built to the National Home Construction and Safety Standards (the HUD Code). The HUD Code, under federal law, preempts all local building codes for these single-family dwellings. The HUD label certifies that the home has been factory constructed, tested and inspected to comply with stringent, uniform federal standards which are periodically up-dated.

The HUD Code, administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is the counterpart to national model codes for site-built housing. These model codes include the Uniform Building Code of the International Conference of Building Officials, upon which California local governments base their building codes.

While you purchase the mobile, modular or manufactured home you will more than likely pay monthly rent for the space where that home it sits.  In addition to the space rent, you can expect to pay for gas, electric and cable TV.  Some parks include water and trash service in their basic monthly rent, while others do not


Click here for mobile home and manufactured homes for sale

Mobile Home Living in the San Francisco Bay Area...

There are two types of mobile home parks in the bay area: 

All-age or family parks that cater to residents of any age, and

Older persons or senior parks that cater to residents over age 55.  Most senior or older person parks allow additional residents to be as young as 18 as long as the primary resident and owner is at least age 55.  However, in some parks the additional residents need to be at least age 35 or 45 or 55 depending on the park.

Why people choose mobile home living in the San Francisco Bay Area...

  • Mobile homes and manufactured homes provide affordable opportunities for people to own their own home.
  • Mobile homes and manufactured homes generally are larger in size and cost substantially less than conventional subdivision houses or condominiums.
  • Mobile home and manufactured home living in the San Francisco Bay Area is very affordable and enjoyable.   
  • Mobile home and manufactured home living provide a comfortable life style for empty nesters who sell their conventional homes and purchase mobile homes or manufactured homes.  Usually they will have a substantial amount of money left over to supplement their retirement.
  • Mobile homes and manufactured home living provide more privacy than apartments or condominiums.

How does mobile home living work in the San Francisco Bay Area...

  • In the bay area mobile home parks own the land and maintain the infrastructure. Parks rent the spaces to the owners of the individual mobile homes or manufactured homes.  Parks do not all allow the homes to be rented out by the individual mobile home or manufactured home owners, which preserves the quality of a park's overall environment.
  • Mobile home parks provide a sense of security and community, especially for those living alone.
  • In mobile home parks neighborhood issues are almost always resolved by the park's management.
  • Mobile home parks provide recreational amenities usually found only in upscale housing developments.  For example, swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, exercise rooms, pool and billiards tables, large meeting rooms complete with kitchens for use of residents, common area maintenance by park management, etc.
  • Living in mobile home parks is usually a lot of fun.  There are activities and clubs available only to the residents and their guests such as, bingo, ice cream socials, movies, trips, women's clubs, card clubs, ceramics club, writing clubs, bands, etc.  Luncheons, BBQs, pot luck dinners, catered affairs, holiday parties, etc. add to the enjoyment of all residents who choose to participate.  
  • Mobile home parks usually have income and credit requirements. Most parks require applicants to have gross income of at least three times the monthly rent and good credit.
  • Mobile home parks tend to be pet friendly, allowing at least one small pet per mobile home.  Usually the pet needs to be no more than 25 pounds.   Other parks allow two pets and some have no size restriction.  Each park has their own pet guidelines.

Frequently asked questions about mobile home living...

Q.  I'm not 55 yet, but I'm close, I'm 53.  Will the parks bend the 55 rule?

A.  Probably not because the older persons designation is granted by the federal government and enforced by HUD. The Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 (HOPA) 

Q.  Where can I find out more information about housing for older persons?

A.  HOPA Questions and Answers 


Q.  When is the best time for me to move into a senior park?
A.  Any time after you turn age 55.  Since parks have income requirements it is easier to qualify for residency while you are employed because in most cases your income will be higher than your retirement income.  Thus, it is easier to meet the minimum income requirements of three times the space rent.

Q.  Do first time buyers of mobile homes get the tax credit?

A.  Yes, all first time buyers may get the tax rebate up to $8,000.  The escrow must close before November 30, 2009.  More information on the tax rebate

For information on buying or selling bay area real estate, mobile homes or manufactured homes, please contact me at 510-429-4800 or send me a note on the Contact Joanne form.

Best regards,

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Advantage Realty and A.R.M. Homes
Office: 510-429-4800 ~ Cell phone: 510-589-4794

California Department of Real Estate Brokers License Number: 00822285

California Department of Housing Sales License Number: SP1178511

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 Featured Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes For Sale

A.R.M Homes 
Manufactured Homes Meticulously Rebuilt by Master Craftsmen

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Like New Manufactured home in Hayward Mobile Country Club
Near Southland Mall in Hayward. 

 Just Reduced to only $94,000
Was $119,950.
Click image for more info and photos

Located in the Hayward Mobile Country Club, an economy senior park located at 1200 W. Winton Avenue in Hayward near Southland Mall. All occupants must be at least 55 years old. More info  Interested in this cream puff?  Call Joanne today.

More listings at: Featured Listings

Posh, Elegant, Upscale are just a few words that describe this stunning manufactured home in Mission Bay.
New Low Price:  $119.950.

312_Santa Paula
Click image for more info and photos

A lovely mobile home in Mission Bay in San Leandro, CA
Only $34,950

 may_23_2010 0111.png
Click image for more info and photos

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 Mobile Home & Manufactured Home News

Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection Video

This video is designed to assist mobilehome park residents and owners prepare for a Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection (MPM) and points out common violations discovered.  This is a must see video for all residents.  Good tips to keep your home safe.

Click here to watch the mobile home inspection video


HCD Web News:

HCD Web News electronic clipping service features stories related to California and national housing and community development related issues. HCD staff compiles current Internet newspaper headline stories, press releases, and breaking news Monday - Friday.





New Regulations in 2009 

Manufactured Home Water Heater Seismic Bracing, Anchoring or Strapping Regulations(Adobe PDF)

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Regulations(Adobe PDF)

Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks Regulations(Adobe PDF)

Consumer Assistance 

HCD Foreclosure Avoidance Information

Credit Counseling Services 



New Laws 

SB 1234 Mobilehome Privacy (eff. 1/1/09) - This law prohibits the owners or management of a mobilehome park from entering an enclosed accessory structure to a mobilehome without the prior written consent of the resident, except in case of emergency or when the resident has abandoned the mobilehome or accessory structure.  Amended Civil Code Section 798.26.


AB 2050 Smoke Detectors & Water Heater Bracing in Mobilehomes (eff. 1/1/09) -


Smoke Detectors:
This law requires all used manufactured homes, used mobilehomes, and used multifamily manufactured homes that are sold to have a smoke alarm installed in each room designed for sleeping that is operable on the date of transfer of title. 
The seller must sign a declaration regarding the presence of working smoke alarms in these specified homes within 45 days prior to the transfer of title. The law also shields real estate licensees from liability for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions relating to the disclosures required to be made by a transferor pursuant to this bill.

Water Heater Strapping:
The law also requires all fuel-gas-burning water heater appliances installed in new manufactured homes or new multifamily manufactured homes be seismically braced, anchored, or strapped and such work be completed before or at the time of installation of the homes.
In addition, any replacement fuel-gas-burning water heater appliances in existing mobilehomes, existing manufactured homes, or existing multifamily manufactured homes that are offered for sale, rent, or lease are required to be seismically braced, anchored, or strapped.
All used mobilehomes, used manufactured homes, and used multifamily manufactured homes that are sold must, on or before the date of transfer of title, have the fuel-gas-burning water heater appliance or appliances seismically braced, anchored, or strapped. This requirement is satisfied if, within 45 days prior to the transfer of title, the transferor signs a declaration stating that each water heater appliance in the used mobilehome, used manufactured home, or used multifamily manufactured home is secured pursuant to this section on the date the declaration is signed.
The Department of Housing and Community Development is to promulgate on or before July 1, 2009 rules and regulations that include standards for water heater seismic bracing, anchoring, or strapping. 
(Note: Section 3.5 in AB 2050 is not in effect.)
Amended Health and Safety Code Section 18031.7 and repealed and added Section 18029.6. 


SB 1107   Accommodations for Disabled (eff. 1/1/09)

This law requires mobilehome park management to allow an owner or resident to install accommodations for the disabled on their mobilehome or the site, lot, or space on which their mobilehome is located, as specified.  It authorizes the management to require that the accommodations installed be removed by the current homeowner at the time the mobilehome is removed from the park or pursuant to a written agreement prior to the completion of the resale of the mobilehome, as specified. 


The law also permits a mobilehome owner to share the home with a live-in caregiver who provides care pursuant to a written treatment plan without being charged a fee for that person by the park management.
Amended Civil Code Sections 798.34 and 799.9 and added Civil Code Sections 798.29.6 and 799.11. 

California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2, and adopted by reference portions of the California Code of Regulations,

Title 24, California Building Code, Part 2, Chapter 7A

(25 Cal. Code Regs. Sections 4200-4214)

Ignition resistant exterior design, construction, installation and alteration of any new or used manufactured home, multifamily manufactured home or commercial modular or used mobilehome designated for installation in Wildland Urban Interface Fire Areas (eff. 9/1/08)

Emergency regulations were passed by the HCD that affect the exterior design, construction, installation and alteration of any new or used manufactured home, multifamily manufactured home or commercial modular or used mobilehome designated for installation in Wildland Urban Interface Fire Areas


 Affordable Factory-Built Housing

For information on buying or selling east bay homes, please contact Joanne at 510-429-4800 or send her a note on the Contact Joanne form.

Joanne L. Gardiner, Broker, e-PRO Realtor®

California Department of Real Estate
Brokers License Number: 00822285

California Department of Housing and Community Development Occupational License Number: SP1178511

Advantage Realty 
A.R.M Homes
3205 Whipple Rd., Union City, CA 94587-1218

NAR e-PRO Certified Realtor®        Equal Housing Opportunity for all.


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Sell Your Home

If you want to sell your home and save the time and expense of making everything just so, please call Joanne today at 510-589-4794 to find out what A.R.M. Homes will pay you for your home in “as-is” condition.

Selling your home to A.R.M. Homes will allow you to move on with your life instead of waiting for the whim of this uncertain marketplace to smile down on you.

Buying Q & A's

How to buy and sell manufactured homes

Good credit scores are essential to buying a mobile home and renting a space in a mobile home park.

For sake of brevity, mobile home shall also include manufactured homes and modular homes and vise-versa.

Down Payment:  Depending on the age and price of the mobile home and your credit score you will need a down payment of at least10% to 25% of the selling price. 

Prices:  Like in the purchase of regular houses, the prices for mobile homes vary dramatically.

Age of mobile home is important to consider:  If buying a brand new manufactured home doesn't fit your budget, I recommend buying one that best fits your budget.  Whether it is a newer home or an older one I recommend you get a termite inspection, roof inspection and a health and safety inspection (property inspection) before closing escrow.  

Financing:   Typically the interest rate is quite a bit higher for mobile or modular homes than conventional houses, today between 8.5% and 12% depending on ones FICO score.  The reason for the interest rates being higher than for conventional housing is because the a mobile or modular home could be moved from its site and there is a possibility the lender would not know about it or be able to recover it in the event of default by the borrower.  The length of the loan, called the term, will range between 15 and 20 years unless you're purchasing a brand new manufactured home, then 30 year loans are available.

When you need to finance a mobile home or manufactured home, call me and I will put you in contact with lenders who would be most appropriate for your particular needs  By the way, the interest on a mobile home loan is tax deductible, assuming it is your primary residence.

Closing Costs:    You will need additional funds for closing costs, which typically run about $2,000 to $7,000.  This includes your escrow fees, title search and state transfer fees, lender fees, signing fees, notary, inspections, insurance, first month's space rent typically $400 to $1,000.  Depending on the park's policy, you may need to post a security deposit, typically $200 to $1000, which is refundable after one year of residency upon your written request. If the seller doesn't provide a home warranty, buyers can purchase one at a cost of approximately $315 to $350 for a year.

Property Taxes vs License Fee Homes built and first sold prior to 1981 usually are on the Department of Housing's (DOH or HCD) license fee schedule.  If a home is on the license fee a buyer would pay sales tax at the close of escrow and an annual license fee that usually is approximately $100. The exception would be if someone voluntarily converted the home to the county tax rolls.   If a home was constructed in 1981 to the present it will automatically be placed on the county's personal property tax roll.  The property taxes vary greatly depending on the year the home was built and the price paid for it.  Generally newer homes will have property taxes anywhere from $400 per year up.  I've seen many with property taxes exceeding $1,200 per year.  Homes on a county's tax rolls are exempt from sales tax.

Qualifying to live in a mobile home park:  Even if you pay all cash for a mobile home you will need to have good credit, FICO Scores above 720, and gross income usually three times the monthly rent .

Residents of mobile home parks in the San Francisco Bay Area are allowed to have a pet or two under the current state laws. Parks still restrict the number, size, and breed.

Space rent typically runs between $400 and $1000 per month and in some areas more.  Remember, when you purchase a mobile home the land on which it is located is not included in the sale.  That land you rent from the park, which also provides the recreation facilities.

In addition to the space rent you will be responsible for your utilities.  In some cases the park will pay for your water, while other parks also pay for your trash service. Each park varies.

Outside Storage:  State code has increased the size of an allowable storage shed on a mobile home lot to 120 square feet.  However, some parks only allow 100 square foot sheds.



Selling? Buying?
Rain or shine

Call Joanne


Cell Phone:


One Of East Bay's Largest
Mobile Home Parks Sold

Spanish Ranch, one of the East Bay's largest mobile home parks, was sold to Monterey Coast LP for $39,500,000.

Hayward, California - December 10, 2007 -- Spanish Ranch Mobile Home Park, a 462-space mobile home park, has been acquired by San Francisco-based Monterey Coast LP for $39,500,000.  The price equates to a 4.8 CAP based on trailing 12-month expenses, and 12-month proforma income based on
allowable increases per Hayward Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

Spanish Ranch is a 5-Star park on 52 acres of land and is one of the largest mobile home parks in the East Bay.  The sale closed escrow on August 30, 2007.

The buyer, Monterey Coast LP, is a private group specializing in the acquisition and management of apartment buildings and mobile home parks. 

Since the sale of this park many improvements have taken place including reconstructing the swimming pool and spa.  The new onsite management team headed by Ms. Teresa Cruz has turned Spanish Ranch I into a very desireable and friendly community. 


 For Seniors


Senior Seasons was founded by Kaye Sharbrough to provide the highest quality services to help seniors and their families identify, evaluate, and choose the best senior housing to improve well-being and happiness. Just like many of her clients, she got involved because of her mother's altered housing needs. And because that move was so successful and her Mom is so delighted with her new situation, Kaye has established Senior Seasons in order to help others be just as happy.

Senior Seasons



Elder Abuse
What Everyone Should Know


Elder Abuse Brochure
View online or
print your own copy free.


The "E-cyclopedia" of housing options
and information for retirement, finance,
insurance and care.

Senior Resources


 Mobile Home Owners Associations

CMRAA was founded in 1996 to represent mobilehome residents throughout the state of California who are concerned with protecting their rights; and actively interested in enhancing their mobilehome way of life.

CMRAA is a non-profit organization that was founded to better meet the needs of the nearly two million residents of mobilehome communities in the state of California. All members of the mobilehome community have benefited from the continuous work of this organization.


Post Office Box 7468
San Jose, California - 95150 Phone: (408) 244-8134

Hayward Mobilehome
Owners Association

The HMOA represent nine mobilehome parks in the Hayward area.

These include:
Hayward Mobile Country Club Eden Gardens
Eden Roc
Georgian Manor
New England Village
Pueblo Springs
Spanish Ranch I
Spanish Ranch II

Visit their web site


Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League, Inc., is a nonprofit charitable trust corporation, dedicated to preserving mobilehome ownership as affordable, quality housing through legislative efforts, and organization and education of individual home owners and dwellers.

 Visit the GSMOL web site


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