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If you want to sell your home and save the time and expense of making everything just so, please call Joanne today at 510-589-4794 to find out what A.R.M. Homes will pay you for your home in “as-is” condition.

Selling your home to A.R.M. Homes will allow you to move on with your life instead of waiting for the whim of this uncertain marketplace to smile down on you.

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By: Joanne L. Gardiner - Cell phone: 510-589-4794

Call Joanne to buy and sell manufactured homes.

Many owners of San Francisco Bay Area mobile homes are in a quandary as to what to do with their older homes.  Should they replace them with a brand new one or should they remodel them?  Or, should they sell them to a dealer?  Our sister company A.R.M. Homes, a mobile home and manufactured home dealership, purchases some homes from individuals even in this market.  Call me for details.

Many buyers of mobile homes prefer the look of the older traditional mobile homes of the 1970s. There is a vagabond allure to those classics that began a groundswell of popularity following World War II and took off with the 1954 Lucille Ball, Desi Arnes movie "The Long Long Trailer."  By the mid-1970s mobile home parks were popping up in every community.  They offered more of a country club atmosphere that quickly replaced the trashy trailer park image of earlier decades.  If you own a vintage home and want to update it, by all means do so.  There are scads of people doing the same thing.   Browse our mobile home remodel pages. 

Mobile homes and manufactured homes built prior to 1981 usually enjoy a tax break because their licensing fee per year is about $100 compared to being on the county's personal property tax rolls.  However, in addition to tha annual license fee you will pay sales tax when you purchase unless you opt to have the home placed on the personal property tax rolls.  Sales tax generally costs $1,000 to $3,500 and in some in cases more. 

If the mobile home or manufactured home is on the county personal property tax rolls the annual taxes range between $500 and $2,000 and more in some cases. However, then you do not pay sales tax at close of escrow.  All modular, mobiles and manufactured homes built in 1981 or later and not on a permanent foundation automatically go onto the county's personal property tax rolls. 

Several of my clients have chosen to buy a 1970s mobile home or manufactured home with the intention to remodel as was the case with my client client Freeman S. who set out to buy a mobile he could remodel to suit his taste and lifestyle. He did just that and the end result is breathtaking. (photos below).

For information on buying or selling mobile homes or manufactrued homes, please contact me at 510-429-4800 or send me a note on the  form.

Joanne L. Gardiner, Broker, e-PRO Realtor®
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Office: 510-429-4800  or  Cell: 510-589-4794


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 ~ Home Sweet Mobile Home ~
Thanks to Ms. Sue Siegfried for contributing this article

milliondollarmobile-a.jpgTrailer Trash? Not a Scent of It
By Mireya Navarro, NYTimes

A mobile home at Point Dume Club in Malibu, Calif. People are buying motor homes and creating palaces, some of which sell for $1 million.

MALIBU, Calif. - After making a fortune with his skateboard company, World Industries, Steve Rocco could have lived anywhere he wanted. He chose Paradise Cove, a woodsy neighborhood on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, where he bought a home for nearly half a million dollars and then spent more than $1 million replacing it with a Craftsman-style cottage.

But Mr. Rocco's place is not exactly on millionaire's row. Paradise Cove is a mobile home park.

"It's probably the best spot in the Southern California coast," he said.

Trailer parks may conjure images of retirees and low-income families in most of the country, but in Malibu parks that once drew the elderly, working class and bohemian are now being transformed into the new playground for the rich. Here new owners with the means to decorate with marble floors, recessed lighting and Sub-Zero refrigerators are replacing 1970's flat-roof aluminum metal-sided trailers with mobile homes in Craftsman, Cape Cod, Tuscan or Spanish villa styles that come with two-car garages.

In California, the most expensive housing market in the nation, the listings say it all.

"Stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, bluff top, custom architectural home, built in '05," read one recent ad for a 2,100-square-foot home with panoramic views of the ocean and the Santa Monica mountains.

The residence is not the detached single-family kind; that could go for more than $10 million around these parts, real estate agents said. The location is Malibu's Point Dume Club mobile home park, and the asking price is a mere $1.69 million.

"The world has changed," said Janet Levine, the developer selling this property and beautifying two others for resale at Point Dume. "Spaghetti is now pasta. Religion is now spiritual. It's no longer a mobile home park. It's a fab park."

For mobile home buyers like Mr. Rocco, 45, a former professional skateboarder who is more into surfing these days, the main draw to Paradise Cove was the beach and a cozier style of living, he said. The lots are still slivers of land where homes sit a few feet from one another under a canopy of eucalyptus trees, pine and palms, and neighbors run into one another at the children's playground or laundry room.

Among the eclectic mix of surfers, older residents, celebrities like Minnie Driver and affluent professionals and businessmen like himself, he said, many know one another.

"I know my neighbors' names, and I'm not the friendliest guy in the world," he said.

But just like other newcomers in recent years, Mr. Rocco, who bought a trailer for $430,000 in 2003 in an oceanfront spot, discarded the old structure to build a new one with all the accouterments he and his wife needed to make it livable: walls, countertops and beams of mahogany and maple with veneer dyed in blues, greens, oranges and yellows; shiplike nooks and crannies that hold bathrooms, bedroom lofts and a workout room; a Yosemite stone fireplace; a grand piano in the living room; upstairs and downstairs decks.

All in all it is 2,100 square feet, on a triple-wide lot where the only evidence of the home's humble origins are the raised foundation, a requirement for mobile homes, and the original trailer hitch, where Mr. Rocco plans to plant his mailbox.

His home now sticks out amid the more traditional mobile homes in the park, but "it's just a nice house," Mr. Rocco insisted. "I don't have gold fixtures." But he was somewhat self-conscious; he did not allow pictures of himself or his place.

If Paradise Cove is a throwback to more congenial times, the more upscale neighbors now welcome newcomers with a bottle of Champagne rather than pie. That is what Will Conrad, 37, an emergency room doctor from Santa Monica, said his neighbors did when a truck brought his new manufactured home up the hill to install in his lot last summer. It was the replacement, he said, for the $450,000 1,000-square-foot "decrepit" 1971 rollaway he had bought in 2003 as a second home.

Dr. Conrad said he grew up in Malibu and remembers coming to the mobile home parks as a child for classmates' birthday parties.

"The homes were considered a notch below everybody else's," he said.

But in adulthood Dr. Conrad has other priorities. A recreational surfer, he wanted the waves without the crowds, and Paradise Cove, with a guard booth at the entrance, restricts nonresidents' beach access.

"If I went to Palos Verdes, I'd get killed," he said, referring to a popular surfing area south of here. "People getting into fistfights, damaging cars."

Old-time residents like John Tindall, 70, a retiree who bought in Paradise Cove 18 years ago and still lives there with his wife in his 1970 model, are reacting to the influx of new affluence with amusement.

"No matter how much they pay, the people seem very friendly," he said. "But the more they pay, the less they're here."

Mobile homes account for less than 10 percent of the overall housing stock nationwide. Bruce Savage, a spokesman for the Manufactured Housing Institute, said that buyers pay an average of about $50,000 for the mobile home and another $45,000 for the land.

But he and others in the industry say all bets are off in resortlike communities where prices reflect high demand. Robert Kleinhenz, the deputy chief economist for the California Association of Realtors, said that in a state where median price for the traditional house is $471,000, it is not surprising it is leading the trend toward the upscale trailer park.

David M. Carter, an agent with Pritchett-Rapf & Associates here who specializes in mobile homes, said he sold his first million-dollar one last year but "there's plenty now in the parks that would sell for over $1 million if they came on the market."

Craig Fleming, the vice president of sales for a manufacturer of upscale mobile homes, Silvercrest Western Homes Corporation, said that beginning three years ago, mobile homes on private property have sold for $1 million or more in prime areas of San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County.

But mobile homes come with some drawbacks. Financing is hard to come by. and when people do get it, the loan amounts are smaller and the interest rates higher, real estate agents note. This is because buyers in mobile home parks lease their land space rather than own it (lease fees here in Malibu can range from $800 to $2,500 a month), a set-up that many of them overlook because of trade-offs like no property taxes and rent-controlled lease fees.

But there is perhaps a bigger hump to overcome, agents say: the trailer trash stereotype.

"You still get the stigma, especially on the telephone," said Mr. Carter, the real estate agent. "When you say it's a mobile home or manufactured home, they don't even want to listen to you."

"But when they come out and try to price other things in Malibu, it's an easy sale," he said.

Among the skeptical was Bobi Leonard, 54, an interior designer who had a lot of movie star clients as well as businesses who said that when she realized that the address for a date six years ago was in a mobile home park she almost made a U-turn to go back home.

"I said, 'Oh my God, I can't date a guy who lives in a mobile home park,' " said Ms. Leonard, whose previous homes were in the seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom range.

But the man (Greg Mooers, a life coach and spiritual guide who was once a monk) and the park won. In 1999 the couple married and bought a corner space in Tahitian Terrace, a mobile home park off the Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades. Since then she has spent close to $400,000 turning her home into a tropical oasis of bird of paradise palm trees, animal prints and burning candles and has helped others redesign their mobile homes too.

"I realized this is a treasure," she said, pointing at 180-degree ocean views, quiet environment and 10-mile-per-hour speed limits just minutes away from the freeway and city life. "No gardeners. No pool men. I began to realize it was a simpler way of life." (Although she does have an electronic garage gate and motorized awnings that react to wind and rain.)

Dr. Conrad's wife, Deborah Conrad, 37, a Los Angeles lawyer, admits she had to warm up to the concept of having a mobile home as the couple's second home and still is "not nearly as enthusiastic as he is." She likes Paradise Cove, she said, but even there the homes are still movable and too close together, many still look boxy from the outside and the public perception still comes from bad news about them.

"Most of the time, when you hear about mobile homes, you hear about a hurricane that's hit them," she said.

But it is the residents who bought their trailers at bargain prices as recently as a few years ago who are having the last laugh, real estate agents noted.

"In the last five years prices have been doubling each year," said Shen Schulz, an agent with Coldwell Banker here who last year moved his wife and 6-year-old twin sons to a mobile home at Point Dume Club.

Now the new buyers who are transforming ugly ducklings into swans say they may never sell. Dr. Conrad, who drives a 2004 Jaguar but has rented a Ford pickup truck for his jaunts to his mobile home, said he hoped his wife becomes comfortable enough to some day retire there.

And Mr. Rocco and his wife are expecting their first child, whom they plan to raise in Paradise Cove.

"I'm going to raise my kid in a trailer park," he deadpanned.

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For information on buying or selling bay area manufactured homes or mobile homes, please contact me at 510-429-4800 or send me a note on the Contact Joanne form.

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